Ripple Deck






RUPI is excited to share this powerful tool to build your personal power in service of collective power. The Ripple Deck includes 84 cards and an accompanying guidebook to help you deepen your connection to different forms of power through activities and reflections that you can do on your own and with others.

The Ripple Deck challenges us to broaden our notion of what power is, how we can cultivate it and what it’s in service to. The cards include powers like generosity, action, inquiry, and storytelling– all forms of power that we can recognize in ourselves and choose to exercise and build. The guidebook includes impactful descriptions of each power, including what they look like when over and under expressed, leaving you with actionable guidance.

The Ripple Deck was created by Natalie Rothfels and Steph Stern; the artwork on the first edition of The Ripple Deck was created using Midjourney, a generative image AI.
The Ripple Deck includes:

  • 84 power cards, and 1 reference card
  • A perfect-bound 120+ page guidebook with descriptions for each card activities you can use on your own, with others, or in a group
  • A rigid magnetic-closure box that holds the cards and guidebook together, with an ribbon insert for easy card removal


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