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The Right Use of Power Institute is growing its roots and branches and is asking for your generous and ongoing support.

Your donation and ongoing support increases our outreach and creates opportunities for Right Use of Power™ to offer solutions to individuals, communities, and organizations for navigating conflict and transforming misuses of power. We have 250 teachers (and counting) across the globe in Indonesia, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Finland, Spain, New Zealand, Norway, Germany, Ireland, Mexico, USA, and the U.K. As our work expands and our reach grows, we offer more and more opportunities worldwide for adaptive, innovative trainings, programs, resources, consulting, and coaching.

The Right Use of Power™ Institute is a small, international, 501c3 non-profit organization whose mission is to promote the ethical use of power in the world by providing experiential training, practical books, and engaging programs that support individuals and organizations to gain more skill, wisdom and compassion in a world greatly in need of a re-examination of power. RUPI stands as evidence that we CAN support one another and thrive, together. Donate today to stand with us.

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