Basics Training

Learn the fundamentals of the Right Use of Power™ approach.

Right Use of Power™ is a dynamic, inspiring, and relational approach to the ethical use of power to promote well-being, the common good and right relationship. We share a language and framework for understanding and navigating power with strength AND heart.

This approach is a conscious ethics deep-dive and recognizes that the issues of power in relationships are complex. Our Right Use of Power™ programs focus on increasing skillfulness, engagement, and awareness in uses of power.

It is ethics from the inside out.

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Our Basics Training is a 5-hour live, online global learning experience for people who want to deepen their understanding of power and start to learn how to use power with strength and heart.

Empowering, relevant, and dynamic, our program is presented through engaging presentations, facilitated discussions, and experiential practices.

The Basics Training is a Pre-Requisite for all other Right Use of Power™ courses. It is the first step in our Course Journey.

In our Basics Training you have the opportunity to:

  • Learn about the five types of power side-by-side with people around the world in a connecting and conscious environment.
  • Expand your understanding of the nuances of power, which creates more room for complexity in relationships.
  • Deepen your awareness of your own personal power and how it impacts others.
  • Get an introduction to power differentials and their key aspects for better navigating relationships.

Ready to Learn the Basics?

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