Maya Shaw Gale

RUPI Core Faculty

Based in: California

Email: [email protected]



Maya is a board Certified (BCC) Life and Leadership Coach, a Certified Hakomi Practitioner & Trainer and a teacher of mindfulness and energy medicine.  She has a particular interest in adapting Right Use of Power concepts for coaches and corporate consultants. In her private coaching practice. she coaches community & business leaders, healers, spiritual teachers, artists and highly sensitive & empathic individuals.  She has also studied with a number of shamanic and indigenous teachers throughout her life and is passionate about integrating the indigenous perspective of interconnectedness with and reverence for all life into our contemporary world.  To this end, she has served on the Board of the Tribal Trust Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to protecting indigenous cultures & supporting wisdom keepers to share their teachings.  She is currently collaborating with two corporate consultants to develop a new paradigm approach to business.