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Start with the Basics

Our Basics Training is the best way to start. It is a 5-hour, live, online course that gives you the basic language and framework for the Right Use of Power™ approach.

Our Course Journey

Our live courses are designed to support your journey toward greater power-consciousness, one step at a time. Each course builds on the previous as you deepen your understanding of power.

1. Basics

This is a 1-day course designed to give you the basics.

2. Core

This 4-day course gives you an experiential introduction to the first 5 types of power.

3. PEC Retreat

The Power & Equity Challenge Retreat is designed to deepen you into your own power as well as a deeper dive into status, collective & systemic power.

4. Facilitation

Once you are ready to help facilitate learning of Right Use of Power for others (whether it is teaching, coacing or integrating it into your own work), we offer a variety of options for that (including a new certification program...coming soon!)

How We are Different

Power as a Dynamic

Most people view power as a commodity - something that some people have and others don't. We understand power as a dynamic in relationships that needs active attendance and skill to navigate.

Power is Nuanced

When most of us think about power, we think of it is a signular thing. But power is complex and nuanced. There are at least 6 types of power that we have identified. Our courses are designed to help you understand and identify each of them.

Connected & Experiential

Our primary course offerings are LIVE experiences with RUP trained facilitators, full of deep connection opportunities with people around the world. We also have a community of like-minded folks who are ready to support you in your journey.

The Art of Strength & Heart

So many think that you have to choose between being strong or being compassionate; being boundaried or being connected. Right Use of Power lies in the art of balancing strength and heart.

What our Members Say

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