Leadership Series

Power-Conscious Leadership Series

Learn to lead with the Right Use of Power™ approach.

Power-Conscious Authentic Leadership Series

This is a 6-week online workshop integrating Authentic Leadership and Right Use of Power concepts and practices for leaders of teams, organizations and communities.

Authentic Leadership encourages us to bring ourselves fully and creatively to our leadership challenges and to invite others to do the same. This requires expanding self-awareness and skill to be responsive, rather than reactive, and cultivating connection and compassion in order to inspire and motivate others. We can then learn to lead the changes we want to see in our teams, organizations and communities in an empowered and collaborative way. Integrating Right Use of Power concepts and practices into this approach strengthens our ability to lead with integrity and empathy by enhancing access to our personal power and acknowledging the impact that role and status power have in all of our interactions.

Each 2-hour session will include community-building, lecture, dialogue, small-group interaction, self-reflection and embodiment exercises.

In addition, each participant will receive two 1-hour small group coaching sessions, with the instructor, to explore specific leadership challenges and receive personalized coaching.

Power-Conscious Communication Series

Communication is essential for our own learning and growth as well as for developing and maintaining healthy relationships. In many western cultures, conflict is generally approached with avoidance or competition, especially when there is a power differential involved. With a Right Use of Power™ approach, this series will help you shift into a power-conscious lens with practical skills for communicating with others.

This series is divided into two blocks which can be taken separately or together.

Engaged Communication

Day 1: The Art of Giving & Receiving Feedback

Day 2: Generative Conflict

Giving and receiving feedback is not only a skill to be developed, it is an art form. In this session you will be introduced to the anatomy of feedback, its critical components, and obstacles to effective feedback experiences. You will also have the opportunity to practice giving and receiving feedback. This session gives you a way to practice difficult conversations so that you can more easily turn toward, instead of away, from conflict.

Restorative Approach

Day 1: Restorative Approach to Harm

Day 2: Power-Conscious Restorative Facilitation

In this course, we introduce the restorative approach to harm and how to work through interpersonal difficulty and harm with Power-and-Equity Consciousness. We will explore ways to facilitate restorative processes and conversations for others with a power-conscious approach.

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