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Teacher Training & Mentorship Program (Virtual)- Fall 2022

03nov10:00 am2:00 pmTeacher Training & Mentorship Program (Virtual)- Fall 2022

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Please note: Core Training is also required in order to take the Teacher Training. Core Training is 4 days and begins on October 20, 2022. So please add this to your cart as well when you register.

Right Use of Power™ is at the very heart of ethics. We long for, and are capable of, magnificence in the use of our personal and professional power. And we have all been wounded by misuses of power. The Right Use of Power™ approach to ethics is dynamic and engaging and recognizes that the issues of power in helping relationships are complex. Linking power with heart, this program focuses on increasing skillfulness, engagement, and awareness. It is ethics from the inside out.

Our Core & Teacher Training is a live fully-immersive 9-month training, online learning experience for people of all helping professions. Empowering, relevant, and dynamic, our program is presented through engaging talks, facilitated discussions, and experiential practices. Participant relationships are enhanced through small group time in Connecting Rooms (Zoom breakout rooms).

The Teacher Training has four parts that combine to give you the skills, confidence, resources and collegial support to begin teaching your own right use of power programs and developing your power-wisdom.

Our teacher trainers learn how to TEACH right use of power™ to others and receive ongoing training, mentorship, and full access to all RUPI resources and materials. RUPI Teacher Trainees also receive membership to our RUPI Teachers Guild which offers ongoing teacher development, guild conferences and events, and a community of RUPI teachers worldwide.

Total Program Includes

  • 35 total direct training hours (whole group training, small groups, & individual mentoring)
  • Teacher’s Resource Manual  and additional materials in electronic format (downloadable)
  • 9 months of RUP Guild Membership with access to online resources and learning management system (during training)
  • 9 months of RUPI guidance and support

Core Training:

(4, 4-hour training days – register separately

Here you have a personal experience of the work that you will be teaching. You learn it in your own embodied way.

October 20th

October 21st

October 23rd

October 24th

Teacher Training:

(5, 4-hour training days) (3  days Teacher training, 1 days Mid-way training, 1 day Graduation)

During this time, you shift from being a student to becoming a teacher and co-collaborator in the evolution of right use of power work.  You study advanced topics, learning them through the lens of teaching, and you have a chance to talk with each other about what you are integrating and about topics of interest that arise.

10 am-2:00 pm (MDT – Mountain Time – Denver/United States) – each day (30 min break)

November 3rd, Thursday

November 4th, Friday

November 5th, Saturday

Mid-way Training program (November, 2022)
10 am-2:00 pm (MDT – Mountain Time – Denver/United States) with a 30 minute break

March 24th – Friday

Small Group Pods & Individual Mentoring

 (5 Pod Sessions Total) 21 additional hours across 2022 and into 2023

The purpose of these smaller 5-7 person groups is to practice teaching the core exercises that you experienced during the Core Training.  During these group times you will have a chance to practice giving and receiving feedback, to ask questions about concepts, to deepen your understandings, and to explore how to adapt the material to specific groups you are interested in.

Pod’s leader, assistant and future pod’s participant will set times and dates.


(3 mentoring sessions) Starts in April and meet three times before graduation.

Here you will meet 3 times with a RUP trained teacher and Guild Member whom you will have a chance to choose.  You will focus on personalizing what you want to do as a RUP teacher.


10 am-2:00 pm (MDT – Mountain Time – Denver/United States) (30 min break)

August 25th, Friday

Power is everywhere and yet seldom talked about or taught.

Right Use of Power is a large body of topics, concepts, experiential practices that have been integrated from many sources.  In our programs, you will be learning to both use and teach conscious ethics and power with heart—core tenets in an alternative operating system for power that we call “Socially Conscious Power.”  This approach is a large and evolving orientation and set of information and embodied practices that are applicable and adaptable for many groups and many issues. 

The Right Use of Power Teacher Training is not a certification or licensing program.  At the completion of the Teacher Training you can use concepts, handouts, written materials, and exercises you have been given to share information or to design and deliver programs about Right Use of Power.  Our expectation is that you will feel confident, resourced, and well-supported in offering concrete modules and then more and more extensive programs as you grow in your confidence and understanding of and experience with the concepts and practices.  If you find that you wish to teach the entire core curriculum, as delivered, you can follow a more extensive learning path that includes working with a Core Faculty member who can mentor and/or co-teach with you.

At the end of the training, you will also be given an opportunity to choose how you wish to stay connected with RUP and RUPInstitute.  Through the free or Power Positive membership you may call yourself an Independent Teacher and have access to on-going learning opportunities and community connections.  If you choose the Guild Teacher membership, you will, in addition, have access to our extensive resource library, membership in Focus Groups, and continuing and advanced programs.  And you will be authorized to call yourself an Affiliated Teacher and use the Affiliated Teacher seal.  Please see more information about membership levels at the website.  Regardless of the level of membership you choose, we both trust and entrust you to freely use the materials and move at your own pace in sharing the concepts and processes. Our desire is that you will feel confident, resourced, and well-supported in moving at your own pace in whatever level of involvement you choose. 

We invite you to ask for a conversation with Dr. Barstow or other Core Faculty, if you have questions or want more information than is provided here, please email us at [email protected]

People who have taken this training report:

  • “I now have so much more confidence about how so many aspects of teaching—experiential work in person and virtually, how to present concepts simply and effectively, how to engage with participants, how to pace learning, and how to address multiple learning styles.”
  • “Wow.  Feedback became both an art and a relationship-builder instead of something to be feared.”
  • “This RUP material and the experientials fill in a gap about understanding power that I didn’t even know needed filling.”
  • “I see now how power is somewhere in virtually everything and yet, so under-acknowledged.”
  • “I can now be a cheerleader for the possibility and practicality of power being used wisely, consciously, and well.”
  • “The teachers walk their talk.”
  • “I’m much better at being decisive, yet warm, and clear and concise as a teacher.”
  • “This training is incredibly important everywhere in my life, not just in teaching right use of power”

Language: ENGLISH

Cost: $1750*

*Cost does NOT include the Core Training, which is a required and essential pre-requisite of the Teacher Training. If you have not already taken Core Training, you must add Core Training ($350) to your cart as well for a total of $2100.

NOTE: You have to login to the site before you can purchase your ticket below. You can choose the free membership (you will never be charged) or you can choose the paid plan and get 10% off this training! That is a savings of $210 when you add Teacher and Core Training to your cart!

You will also need to purchase the textbook by Dr. Barstow for this training:

Electronic Version – $9.99

Print Book Version – $24

Additional Details

A Facilitators Manual and other written material will be sent with a link to download or print from.

All our trainings take place over the zoom platform. Zoom is accessible through video and audio wifi and through phone call-in. Zoom recordings will be available after each session. Please let us know if you would benefit from any additional learning accommodations.

Scholarships & Work Trade Options
We are dedicated to making our trainings accessible to all those who wish to participate. 
We make available scholarships and work trade (and combinations of both) for all of our trainings. You can submit your application here.

Cancellation/Refund Policy:

  • Full refund minus a $50 handling fee available up to 2 weeks before the first day of training OR
  • A voucher for the full amount paid for a future training available up to 1 week before the first day of training

Additional Questions? 

We’re happy to answer them! Email us at


Meeting Time

(Thursday) 10:00 am - 2:00 pm(GMT-06:00) View in my time

Virtual Event Details

This event has ended. Please watch our newsletter for announcements for the next training.

Speakers for this event

  • Dr. Amanda Aguilera

    Dr. Amanda Aguilera

    RUPI Co-Executive Director

    Driven by core values of curiosity, courage, and connection, Amanda’s personal mission is to be courageous in the service of reducing and repairing harm in relationships and promoting the cultural shift toward Power-and-Equity Consciousness, conflict positivity and conflict competency. Amanda is the Founder of Restorative Integration and Senior Director of Mission, Culture & Inclusive Community at Naropa University where she currently supports students, faculty, and staff in critical consciousness raising, understanding power dynamics and expanding capacity for difficult conversations. After graduating from the Contemplative Psychotherapy Buddhist Psychology Masters program at Naropa in 2008, Amanda has served her communities in multiple ways as a therapist and restorative practices advocate and trainer. Amanda has facilitated hundreds of restorative processes and has been training groups in restorative practices, conflict resolution and difficult conversations for more than ten years. She is also an Advanced Teacher Trainer, consultant and advisor for the Right Use of Power Institute. Her Doctorate of Psychology focused on the dynamics of shame and power in the justice system and she continues to focus her research on the intrapersonal and interpersonal experiences of power dynamics, including the integration of neurobiology and restorative practices as they relate to power differentials.

    RUPI Co-Executive Director

  • Dr. Cedar Barstow

    Dr. Cedar Barstow

    RUPI Founder & Co-Executive Director

    Cedar has been passionate about working with issues of power and ethics for 25 years. She believes that embodied learning—learning from the inside out—is both the most engaging and the most effective way of learning. She has been surprised at how many experiential processes can be adapted to virtual formatting. She loves teaching, developing programs, and helping to guide the growth and reach of RUPI. One of RUPI’s foci for the next few years is increasing diversity and contributing to social justice—which, of course, is a right use of power. She is also a Trainer with the Hakomi Mindful Somatic Therapy organization. She lives with her husband, Ren, in a co-op home in Boulder, CO.


    RUPI Founder & Co-Executive Director

  • Susaj Skjei

    Susaj Skjei

    SUSAN SKJEI, PH.D., ​is a Faculty Member for RUPI and teaches in the Core and Teacher Training programs. Over the last 25 years Susan has worked with thousands of leaders in the US, Canada and Europe to cultivate mindfulness and authenticity, strengthen relational, coaching and strategic skills, and effectively lead the changes they want to see in their organizations and in the world.  She has a unique ability to create energetic and high trust learning environments that accelerate the achievement of practical organizational results while building strong, collaborative relationships.  Formerly a Vice-President and Chief Learning Officer in the technology sector and an international consultant, she was also the founder and Director of the Authentic Leadership Center at Naropa University.  Susan has a Ph.D. from Fielding Graduate University in Human and Organization Systems, a Master of Science degree from American University/NTL in Human Resource Development and a certificate in Change Management from Cornell University.  She enjoys hiking, biking and watercolor painting.  

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