Sherril Taylor

RUPI Core Faculty

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Sherril is an accomplished Kinesiology Trainer, training teachers, specializing in healing the mind, body & spirit. She studied Applied Physiology with Richard Utt, the founder of International Institute of Applied Physiology in Arizona and became a Master Instructor teaching his 700-hour Diploma Course in 2000. Sherril graduated her 3-year training in Hakomi Psychotherapy in 2006, then became a Trainer of Right Use of Power, ethics for the helping professional in 2008. In 2016, she became an Advanced RUP Trainer in Boulder, Colorado, leading the Training Team for RUPI. Sherril Taylor has 27 years of experience teaching the Professional Diploma Course “Applied Physiology” in Australia and worldwide. She has developed new Applied Physiology techniques now widely used in the community.  Sherril has risen to the top of her fields, and her main purpose is to preserve the legacy of the Right Use of Power to assist in building RUP Training centres around the world.