Magi Cooper

RUPI Core Faculty

Based in: Nanaimo, BC Canada




A Certified Hakomi Trainer and Therapist in private practice, I facilitate Respectful Relationships and Relationship Violence-Prevention Programs for the Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General in British Columbia. Since my first Hakomi training workshop with Jon Eisman in 1992, I have been committed to the spiritual principles and practices of Hakomi. Standing firmly in the principle of non-violence, I have been an advocate for domestic peace for over 20 years. I bring compassion, mindfulness, and loving presence to my work with marginalized populations as well as a deep understanding of Dr. Cedar Barstow’s work around the Right Use of Power™. With regard to the latter, I am a Right Use of Power™ Advanced Teacher, a continuing Board member, and one of the few RUP teachers authorized to provide advanced teacher training to others. I live on Vancouver Island, BC, and kayak in the surrounding waters. I work in both Canada and the United States.