Each month the Right Use of Power Institute strives to offer a number of FREE live webinars. These webinars serve as a tool for taking you deeper and looking at power from different perspectives.

Thought Leader Conversations

For our thought leader conversations, we partner with community members to find different perspectives of looking at power. These hour long conversations are hosted by Dr. Cedar Barstow and dive deeper into specific topics. Thees webinars really look beyond the core training content to explore power in specialized realms.

Examples of previous Conversations include: RUP and Coaching; RUP and Bodyworkers; Dream Power; and Sexualit and RUP.

The Thought Leader Conversations are typically offered at noon (Denver Mountain Time) on the third Tuesday of the month.

Deepen Your RUP Knowledge

Join Dr. Cedar Barstow in taking your Right Use of Power learning even deeper. Dr. Barstow has said that her work is ever growing and expanding. These webinars offer new ways to look at power, to question what we have already learned, as well and to take our learning even further. These take many of the concepts that we cover in the Core Trainings and delve even deeper into them.

Examples of previous Deepenings include: Idealizing and Devaluing; Under Use of Power; Role Power Differential in Social Dynamics; and Reframing Hierarchy.

These webinars are typically offered at 1:00pm (Denver Mountain Time) on the fouth Thursday of the month.

Upcoming Webinars

September 20th, 2022 - Cultural Communication Parameters

Our thought-leader inspiration for this program is Erin Meyer, author of the book, The Culture Map. (2014) She won’t be physically present, but we will be learning from her ideas. I find her concepts and poignant stories about learnings in
navigating cultural differences to be fascinating and insightful. I think these will be immensely helpful as we at RUPI continue to welcome participants from Mexico, Finland, Spain, Canada, Australia, England, Ireland, Japan…and more.

Erin identifies (backed by research) eight scales, or I would call them cultural communication parameters that map and can create invisible divides when we don’t understand them. Our own cultural ways and habits are so ingrained in us as we grow up that they are unseen by us, like the saying: “the fish are the last to know water.” These eight parameters that we use at
work are: Communicating, Evaluating, Persuading, Leading, Deciding, Trusting, Disagreeing, Scheduling.

Join us for an hour of reflecting on these scales and exploring questions like how does personality fit onto the culture map, and what can we do to make understanding and sensitivity to cultural differences workable and even enriching.

Recorded Webinars

We record all of our webinars for sharing with our members in the event that they are unable to attend live but would like to learn more. To sign up for a membership (Power Positive Members or Higher), you can visit here.

Already a member and not sure how to access the Library of Resources and Recordings? Reach out to Admin@rightuseofpower.org to receive support.