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Gregory is a Pastoral Counselor and has served as the Lead Trainer for Hakomi Southwest since 2010. He is also an instructor with the Right Use of Power Institute and he is an associate instructor with the Matrix Leadership Institute. He first studied Hakomi in 1983 with founder Ron Kurtz, Pat Ogden, and Phil Del Prince. He worked with Dr. Ogden for many years at the beginning of the development of her work – first called Hakomi Bodywork and then later on called Hakomi Integrative Somatics. He trained with Peter Levine in Somatic Experiencing in the early 1990s. Gregory was on the faculty of the Boulder College of Massage Therapy teaching various courses emphasizing the body-mind-spirit connection. While there Gregory co-developed with Amber Elizabeth Gray, a graduate level course entitled Trauma And The Body, which offered skillful, attuned bodywork to trauma survivors including families from Columbine High School and survivors of the Bosnian War. His life’s work is about helping folks in the embodied application of spiritual principles to their relationships with themselves, their partnerships and families, and their communities.