Each month the Right Use of Power Institute strives to offer a number of FREE live webinars. These webinars serve as a tool for taking you deeper and looking at power from different perspectives.

Thought Leader Conversations

For our thought leader conversations, we partner with community members to find different perspectives of looking at power. These hour long conversations are hosted by Dr. Cedar Barstow and dive deeper into specific topics. Thees webinars really look beyond the core training content to explore power in specialized realms.

Examples of previous Conversations include: RUP and Coaching; RUP and Bodyworkers; Dream Power; and Sexualit and RUP.

The Thought Leader Conversations are typically offered at noon (Denver Mountain Time) on the third Tuesday of the month.

Deepen Your RUP Knowledge

Join Dr. Cedar Barstow in taking your Right Use of Power learning even deeper. Dr. Barstow has said that her work is ever growing and expanding. These webinars offer new ways to look at power, to question what we have already learned, as well and to take our learning even further. These take many of the concepts that we cover in the Core Trainings and delve even deeper into them.

Examples of previous Deepenings include: Idealizing and Devaluing; Under Use of Power; Role Power Differential in Social Dynamics; and Reframing Hierarchy.

These webinars are typically offered at 1:00pm (Denver Mountain Time) on the fouth Thursday of the month.

Upcoming Webinars

28oct1:00 pm2:00 pmWebinar “Be Power Positive” with Dr. Cedar Barstow

Event Details

Please note, while originally planned for October 27th, we have decided to move this webinar to Be Power Positive day on the 28th!

October 28th is national Be Power Positive Day. For the 4th year, RUPI will give two awards—one to an individual and one to an organization—recognizing and honoring their positive uses of power. Cedar will be joined by members of the BePoP Team from RUPI who will talk about the awardees. The webinar will focus on using power wisely and well in a world where the media broadcasts wrong uses of power. We’ll be exploring the internal process by which memories of harm stick like Velcro while memories of support slip right off like silk. We’ll acknowledge our own right uses of power and those of others. We’ll commit to thanking someone we know for their use of power with heart.


29dec1:00 pm2:00 pmWebinar “What is Your Leadership or Power Style” with Dr. Cedar Barstow

Event Details

The RUP model identifies four leadership styles. You will get a chance to self-identify your “home-base” style and we will name both the perils and the gifts of each style. Then you will look at what style you most want to have more of in your use of power and how this will improve your effectiveness. You will go away with increased awareness and sensitivity to the variety of power styles and their impacts and ideas about how to fine-tune your leadership. A refreshing way to look at leadership and influence outside the common charismatic model.


20dec12:00 pm1:00 pmDynamics of Power in the Courtroom with Roxanne Bailin

Event Details

Roxanne spent many career years learning about and using her up-power position as the well-loved and respected Chief Judge for the city of Boulder, Colorado. She will talk about her approach using Motivational Interviewing techniques and other lessons-learned. This program is insightful about the possibilities for using power wisely and well within the US policing system currently under controversy and review. Roxanne is a knowledgeable and delightful speaker.

Missing Event Data

17jan12:00 pm1:00 pmPersonal Empowerment for Those Incarcerated with Laurie Lazar

Event Details

How can our prison system shift to focus more on empowerment, acquiring healthy relationship skills, and getting confidence, skills, and support for successful living both within and beyond the prison walls? Laurie directs a program called the Realness Project that offers in-person in-prison training in communication and conflict resolution skills.  Laurie has insights and potent stories to share and will do a simple sample experiential exercise with us. 

26jan1:00 pm2:00 pmWebinar “Resilience Cycle” with Dr. Cedar Barstow

Event Details

If self-care is an ethical imperative, then resilience is the foundation and one of the goals of self-care.  Resilience is the ability to bounce back from adversity.  During this webinar, we all will walk ourselves through a four-step resiliency process that will help us build our daily and long-term resilience.  We will be discovering where in the cycle we tend to get stuck and then how to move through the cycle with more awareness. Self-awareness is key to moving from stuck to unstuck.  And yay, to the power of resilience.


Recorded Webinars

We record all of our webinars for sharing with our members in the event that they are unable to attend live but would like to learn more. To sign up for a membership (Power Positive Members or Higher), you can visit here.

Already a member and not sure how to access the Library of Resources and Recordings? Reach out to [email protected] to receive support.

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