PEC for Groups

Power & Equity Challenge

for Groups

We have found the Right Use of Power framework and language to be incredibly useful within groups and organizations. Now we have an accessible way for organizations to send their members, employees and clients to a in-depth training that addresses power in all of its forms. With the feedback and conflict training, it is also a great experience for improving cultural dynamics within your organization.

What is included for groups?

While each of the monthly learning sessions are open to anyone, if your organization sends 5 or more employees or members you will get:

  • A 30% discount 
  • Your own online learning group cohort so you can have internal discussions among your group
  • Your own monthly integration session

How much does it cost for groups?

As a group or organization registering 5 or more participants, you get a 30% discount. 

Pre-requisite Course: RUP Core Training recommended, but some prior RUP training required (You can take our free self-paced intro course available on our website). We can also offer a live introductory training to prepare your participants for the Power and Equity Challenge. A 2- or 4-hour introductory training would need to be completed prior to February 10, 2023. Rates vary by organization budget. Email us at [email protected] to get started.

We want to make the Power & Equity Challenge as accessible as possible while still making it sustainable for our facilitators and the Institute. If you would like to inquire about alternative options, please contact [email protected]

Reduced Rate

$ 600
  • This rate is for organizations with a budget under $600,000.

Standard Rate

$ 1260
  • This rate is for organizations with a budget between $600,000 and $2 million.

Redistribution Rate

$ 1750
  • This rate is for organizations with a budget over $2 million.