Go deeper in the Right Use of Power™ approach.

Our Core Training is a 4-day, live, online global learning experience that follows our Basics Training (which is a prerequisite for the Core Training). 

The Core Training is for people who are ready to dive deeper into all of the types of power. In the Right Use of Power™ approach, we explore our own relationship with power and increase our skill in navigating our personal and professional relationships.

In our Core Training you will:

Learn about the neurobiology of power and how to counteract the effects of our brains and bodies on power
Explore role power differentials and learn how to handle challenging interactions when there is a power difference.
Understand the importance of feedback and the difference between intention and impact.
Start to understand the shadow aspects of power and how we can work with them.
Get an introduction to working with conflict in power-conscious and generative ways.
Better understand systemic power and how it influences the other types of power.
Learn about shame and other emotional experiences that may impact our use of power

After Core Training, participants have said they can now:

Sea más proactivo desde el punto de vista ético en torno a la dinámica del poder.
Engage their personal power with more awareness and presence.
Sea más consciente de los aspectos oscuros del poder.
Lean into feedback and conflict with more skill and awareness of power.

Ready to go deeper?

Click on the button and find a Core Training that works with your schedule. They are offered four times a year!